Following this update on the Dark and Darker playtests Dark And Darker Gold, Ironmace introduced that it's miles “currently underneath attack concerning logins,” which comes as a Dark and Darker DDoS assault hit the game as nicely. Ironmace has been attempting to keep the servers stable in view that these assaults commenced, but it looks like this present day playtest will quit with out an extension most of the ongoing troubles.

DDoS attacks aren’t the best trouble Ironmace is facing, as the Dark and Darker dev has now been sued by means of Nexon over alleged copyright infringement. According to Nexon, the Ironmace developers that have been previously at the enterprise have used property and materials from their time there in Dark and Darker, with Ironmace denying any and all wrongdoing.

This follows Dark and Darker being eliminated from Steam, regardless of the dungeon-crawling RPG proving to be surprisingly famous. The sport was originally supposed to launch in the course of Q4 of this yr, however that appears increasingly more not likely with the issues confronted with the aid of Ironmace.

While you wait to look what occurs with Dark and Darker, our breakdown of wonderful delusion games is certain to help you discover a comparable enjoy. Alternatively Darker Gold, you can browse the most important upcoming PC video games to peer what else the 12 months has to provide.