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Развернуть Обзор темы: How should players obtain a large amount of POE Currency?

Сообщение lerodmanj » 06 дек 2020, 17:55

I've been playing stick war: legacy lately even if the experience is relatively short, it's the sort of game you and your buddies can easily enjoy playing and re-playing. You can check and install now

Сообщение helodieaodns » 28 апр 2020, 05:53

Recently POE released a new extension called Delirium, which means that players need to start an adventure in a new challenge league in order to obtain unique rewards, including POE Currency and POE Items newly added to the game, and even legendary items.
You need to create a new character to participate in the challenge league, so you cannot inherit your level, skills and equipment in the standard league. This is very important for players. If you want to kill monsters quickly and challenge more difficult bosses, equipment and skill gems are very important, because all POE Builds are different combinations of these two aspects. You need to Buy POE Currency to make a piece of equipment that meets the requirements.
MMOAH can solve your problem. Their professional team has collected a large amount of POE Currency in the challenge league and provided it to players at the cheapest price. I suggest you take a look at their official website.

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